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Blue powder coated perforated aluminum bowl, medium sizeRand Marco grew up around metal workers. At an early age he began helping his grandfather craft custom metal objects. Even though these were utilitarian metal pieces, his imagination was peeked, and his desire to work with metal stayed with him.

When Rand moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, he found himself in one of the major artistic meccas of the United States, if not the world. The beauty of his surroundings along with the history of important American artists which pervades every aspect of Santa Fe life has inspired him to create metal sculptures of incomparable creativity and skill.

Santa Fe artist Rand Marco with Metal Man sculptureHis sculptures induce feelings of wonder and joy, not only due to their vibrant colors, but also for their clever designs and flawless execution. Marco's desire for perfection is clearly evidenced when one views his final product.

Owning one of Marco's sculptures only makes for a desire to own his entire collection.

Rand Marco lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  In addition to this web site, examples of his contemporary metalwork art are shown in galleries locally and also available through the Museum of New Mexico Foundation Shops,

The artist's functional metal sculpture is ideal for designer home decor and executive gifts. Available works include solid aluminum and copper bowls, candle holders, bud vases and custom commissioned work. Copper patina and perforated aluminum are featured in this collection of metal wall art, garden art and interior furnishings.


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